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The C2online Experience

C2online is an independently owned, Alberta based company. By helping and building relationships we structured our company.  For 15 years our research and development worked diligently building relationships by allowing bookkeeping clients and bookkeepers define our actions; we achieved their goals and exceeded their expectations.

As a result of those fostered relationships we now can provide a library of templates and tools for bookkeepers - locally and across Canada.  And now globally we set to help all bookkeepers by offering additional online software services to help their businesses grow and succeed.

C2online’s philosophy is about ensuring we meet the needs of our clients while we implement a core belief that value must always exceed cost. In order to achieve our goals we will continue to maintain a high level of integrity and diligence while we satisfy the needs of our clients. 

How do we know our products are working? That’s easy:

  •     We talk to our clients and build relationships and ask them what they need.
  •     We act on what our clients tell us.

At C2online finding the solutions for you and your business starts with us understanding your vision, your business needs and you.

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"I am a Senior Tax Practitioner and a Certified Professional Compiler and have been professionally preparing income taxes for 13 years. We have calculated how long it takes to straighten, sort by date, source on payment and categorize 100 expense receipts. The time was 1.25 minutes each time we had to touch the receipts resulting in a bookkeeping charge of 6.25 hours for 100 receipts, costing the client 6.25 x $70 per hour =$437.50. We have found as a bookkeeper we should be trying to save the business money not costing more.
When I used Simplified Ledger developed by C2 the same 100 receipts now cost the client $25.00, if he/she post the receipts. If he/she hires me to post the receipts it would be 2.08 hours x $70 =$145.60 for a savings of $291.90. While working with small businesses and large, both incorporated and proprietorships, we have come to realize a third of their budget is used in wages. This does not include accounting fees with the high raising accountants and bookkeepers' fees, it is a relief to know there is an alternative I can provide to my clients not only in bookkeeping but also administration solutions in the running of their business with C2." - JR
"In my husband’s business of 15 years, we’ve been paying for a bookkeeper because I have a full time job. After talking to Darlene, she suggested I get our 16 year old daughter involved in the bookkeeping end of things. Darlene taught her how to match the receipts to the source of payment. She learned how to use the Simplified Ledger which had a prepare manual attached. I saw how easy it was to do, so I have now taken over the job." - D&H Welding
"It was like balancing a cheque book, after some simple instruction. I found the work sheets so easy to follow. The Simplified Ledger was so easy, I did my whole year based on those worksheets. I swear by these worksheets, they have cut down my bookkeeping costs. This system really works. I recommend that you try it, you won’t regret it; and there’s no confusion." - L&R - plumbing
"I am self employed as a bookkeeper for several small businesses. I use reconcile with codes worksheet to quickly add up expenses, reconcile bank statements, gather GST information and provide a complete breakdown of expenses that transfer easily to a software or tax program. What used to take me hours to add tape and breakdown for tax preparers, now has simplified and sped up the process. Since it is very easy to use, I can train my clients on it to do at their own location and have more control over their own companies bookkeeping. The office in home calculates spreadsheet is so accurate that it enables all of my clients to see how much they are actually spending in their own home on their company." - Easy Books
"I love the Simplified Ledger. It saves so much time when entering things like cash receipts, expense reported for all types of business or using it as financials for proprietorships because it allows to input both income and expenses and the formulas are designed to not only total them for you but to separate into each category, saving time and money as input into a accounting program is not necessary." - Carmen, Compiler
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