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Darlene Lafond R.P.A.

Darlene Lafond R.P.A.

Managing Partner, CEO, Research and Development Officer

Darlene started her career working for financial institutions granting personal loans to help her clients fulfill their dreams of home and vehicle ownership.

Darlene moved on to work for H&R Block and completed all the tax training courses necessary to complete level 3 personal income taxes and level 2 business taxes She purchased her own H & R Block franchise in 1987 and in 1991, she expanded her operations and opened Morinville Business Centre for consulting and training. She then became federally certified with Option Learn as an educational institution.

In 1994, she expanded her business again to include Executive Tax Services (a division of H & R Block) to be able to market her ability to complete more complex returns and step out of the mold of H & R Block’s main market.

In 2005, she expanded her business once again to include an ATB Financial Agency and in 2009, she became a founding partner in C2online.

Darlene has earned several awards including Franchise of the Year, several Advertising Awards, Award of Excellence and the Honor & Reward Award from H & R Block.

34 years in business, Darlene is passionate about tax and has become her clients ‘story teller’ - I am the accounting professional that is dedicated to helping and mentoring businesses to maximize on their tax deduction opportunities and save money and tell the story about their financial information. A core value towards work ethics is reflected in her saying “I have no fear only priorities”.

Joan Rupert CFO C.P.C.

Joan Rupert CFO C.P.C.

Managing Partner, CFO, Research and Development Officer

Since entering the business world in 1981, exposure to new and growing businesses has been the most exciting part of it all.

In 1999 was a rewarding year, Joan won her first case at Tax Court Canada and it was then that she decided that helping small businesses was her passion. Farm & Small Business consulting and compiling the bookkeeping for the financial information to assist a small business owner in making important business decisions has been a rewarding job.

In 2009 Joan began her journey to see how she could help other bookkeepers and all small business owners with C2online's tools to assist them to ensure they save money and pay less tax. At C2online Joan plays a key role in the research and development of tools for software application for a bookkeeper.


Dominique Lafond B.Comm

Dominique Lafond B.Comm

Managing Partner

Dominique was raised in an entrepreneur environment at a very young age.  She began to work in an accounting and bookkeeping environment at 12 years old.   As she matured she was able to realize at a young age that she had a passion to help businesses.  Eventually that passion led her to a managing director position at C2online with a focus on marketing. "I have such passion and desire to succeed that I encourage and embrace all new experiences."

Dominique has been the recipitant of several awards; 2011 Retail Consulting Bold Design Scholarship,  and the Energize Student Conference- Xerox Case Competition Winner, and the Liquor Depot Retail Scholarship 2007,2008, & 2010 Jason Lang Scholarship, the 2002, 2003, 2004, & 2005 Rutherford Scholarship.

She is now embarking on furthering her career in marketing at Grant Thornton. Dominique continues to excel in her career and maintains a core belief that values direct everything she does. They center us, they focus us and they give us direction. Collaboration, leadership, excellence, agility, respect & responsibility, these are the values that Grant Thornton encompasses.


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